A press release is written in the third person and demonstrates to an editor the newsworthiness of a product, service, event or person. They are typically sent alone by email in the proper press release format (see  below) directly to the reporter or editor of the media you are targeting.

Press Release Template or Example from Amber at Outside Creative
Press Release Example from Outside Creative

Make sure you write your release with an angle that would be viewed as newsworthy by the press and will make an interesting article in your target media. Take your ego out of the words and make your release intriguing.

Focus on the headline and subheads as both are useful tools. The headline should introduce your angle in a fascinating yet short way and your subhead should flesh out the headline and further hook your media contact into reading the rest of the release.

The first paragraph of the release is the press release lead and should include the basics – who, what when, where and how. Stick to the facts.

Backup the claims of the headline, subhead and lead in the body of the press release. Support your claims with quotes from authority figures or topic experts to gain credibility. You may also want to include the contact information of anyone quoted in the notes section of the release so the reporter may follow up with them to confirm the quote and get more information. Make sure whomever provided the quotes has seen and approved a final of the release before you send to the media.

Add a boilerplate paragraph to the end of the release that describes your company. This boilerplate should be consistent in all media.

End the release with three # signs, this concludes the release.

Please contact Amber Roberson at amber@outsidecreative.com if you would like help on a press release for your company.



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