Outside Creative has been successfully marketing local Houston artists for the last 10 years.

Successful Artist Marketing Tips

  • Don’t stop creating! As an artist it can be frustrating when you don’t have a buyer for each piece of art you create, but you need to keep creating what you love! Just because it isn’t selling at the moment doesn’t mean it won’t trend in a few months or even years. Having a large inventory at all times is ideal for any artist. It shows that you are passionate about your work and that you take being an artist very seriously.
  • Have an online presence!
    • Your Website – As an artist you need a place to showcase your art even when the gallery show ends. If you need help creating a site reach out to a professional who can create a site that you can easily update as you create more artwork. Outside Creative creates web sites for artists using  the WordPress platform. WordPress is very user-friendly and allows you to change themes as you change collections, seasons, moods, etc.
    • Artist Websites – There are many artist websites that compile artists from around the world and showcase their word for resale. Here are a few sites we suggest:
      • Art.com – You can become an affiliate with Art.com and sell your art through their site and also sell other artists works on your site.
      • ArtistRising.com – Showcase, share and sell your art on the art.com platform. Artist can sign up by only giving minimal information such as an email address, password and selected username/site name.
      • deviantArt.com – Shows up #2 in most organic searches for the word “art”. This site boasts that they sell over 100 million unique pieces of art and over 13 million users…so why not become part of their worldwide artist community? Artists can sign up and exhibit, show and promote their art with fellow artists and art enthusiasts.
      • E-Bay – Set up a shop on E-Bay to showcase and sell your art.
    • Social Marketing – Share your art on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
      • Facebook – Artists can have their own fan sites on Facebook! When another Facebook user “Likes” your page they automatically receive updates on your new art, your gallery showings and other events. You can also use Facebook as a place to send out your tips about decorating or any other topic you think would aid in adding credibility to your brand.
      • Twitter – Artists can share their thoughts and links to new artwork, events, etc. on Twitter. This is a great place to add followers as Twitter has excellent search capabilities that allow you to begin following art lovers and in turn they may follow you back to begin receiving your updates.
      • YouTube – Imagine a YouTube Channel filled with art lessons by Y-O-U! Even a Smart Phone has the capability to capture small videos that can be posted to your YouTube Channel to showcase your talent.
    • Public Relations – You can share your events, collections with art journalists and bloggers for free press! Create a press release by following the OC press release tutorial and send it to your media contacts. To create a media contacts list, search for media outlets that cover your type of art. Here are a few from our list: